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Digital Flammability Testing Equipment / Oxygen Index Analyzer For Plastic

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Shanghai, China(mainland)
Brand Name: BAXIT
Model Number: BXT-JF
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PCS
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 5-8 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10Set per day
Detail Information
Flow Adjustment Range: 0-10L/min(60-600L/h) Response Time: <5S
Quartz Glass Tube: Inner Diameter ≥75mm High 300mm Flow Meter: 1-15L/min(60-900L/H)
High Light:

combustion testing equipment


flammability test apparatus

Product Description

Digital Oxygen Index Tester



Product Name: Digital Oxygen Index Tester

First, the scope of application:
Suitable for the determination of the burning properties of plastics, rubber, fiber, foam, film and film and textile materials

Second, the main technical parameters:
1. Using imported oxygen sensor, the digital display shows the oxygen concentration without calculation, the accuracy is higher and more accurate, the range is 0-100%
2. Digital resolution: ±0.1%
3. Measurement accuracy of the whole machine: 0.4
4. Flow adjustment range: 0-10L/min (60-600L/h)
5. Response time: <5S
6. Quartz glass cylinder: inner diameter ≥75mm high 300mm
7. Gas flow rate in the combustion cylinder: 40mm ± 2mm / s The total height of the combustion cylinder is 450mm
8. Pressure gauge accuracy 2.5, resolution: 0.01MPa
9. Flowmeter: 1-15L/min (60-900L/H) adjustable, accuracy 2.5
10. Test environment: ambient temperature: room temperature ~ 40 ° C;, relative humidity: ≤ 70%;
11. Input pressure: 0.2-0.3MPa
12. Working pressure: nitrogen 0.05-0.15Mpa Oxygen 0.05-0.15Mpa Oxygen/nitrogen mixed gas inlet: including pressure regulator valve, flow regulating valve, gas filter and mixing chamber.
13. Sample holders can be used for soft and rigid plastics, textiles, fire doors, etc.
14. Propane (butane) ignition system, flame length 5mm-60mm can be adjusted freely
15. Gas: industrial nitrogen, oxygen, purity >99%; (user-supplied).
16. Power requirements: AC220 (+10%) V, 50HZ
17. Maximum operating power: 50W
18. Ignition: There is a metal tube with a nozzle with an inner diameter of Φ2±1mm at the end. It can be inserted into the combustion tube to ignite the sample. The flame length is 16±4mm, and the size can be adjusted.
19. Self-supporting material sample holder: can be fixed at the axial position of the combustion tube and can clamp the sample vertically
20. Non-self-supporting material sample holder: can fix two vertical sides of the sample to the frame at the same time

Third, the chassis and part of the structure:
1. Control box: It is processed by CNC machine tool. The static electricity of the steel plate spray box is sprayed, and the control part is controlled separately from the test part.
2. Combustion tube: high temperature resistant high quality quartz glass tube (inner diameter ¢75mm, length 300mm) Outlet diameter: φ40mm
4. Mixer: Mix the oxygen and nitrogen evenly with a glass bead filler. (Bead φ4.5mm filling height 95mm, one bag)
5. Specimen fixture: self-supporting clamp, and can clamp the specimen vertically; (optional non-self-supporting style bracket), two sets of clamps meet different test requirements; style clamp plug-in type, placement style Easier with style clips
7. The standard is equipped with a glass tube to prevent accidental damage and meet the requirements of uninterrupted test; the diameter of the end of the long rod igniter is ±2±1mm, and the length of the igniter flame (5-50)mm can be adjusted freely.

Forth, Design standard: GB/T 2406.2-2009 GB/T 2406.1-2008
Compliance with standards: ASTM D 2863, ISO 4589-2, NES 714 GB/T 5454 GB/T 10707-2008 GB/T 8924-2005 GB/T 16581-1996 NB/SH/T 0815-2010 TB/T 2919-1998 IEC 61144-1992 ISO 15705-2002 ISO 4589-2-1996
Sixth, packing list:
Host 1
2. Burning tube 1 set
3. Ignition 1
4. Power cord 1
5. Spare glass tube 1
6. Glass beads 1 bag (into the combustion column)
7. Nylon tube Ф 4 1.2 m (connecting the combustion column to the main unit)
8. Sealing ring
9. Pointed sample holder 1 set
10. One metal mesh (into the combustion column)
11. Stainless steel air outlet plate 1
12. Rubber hose 2
13. M10×1 inner joint screw 1 (within the combustion column)
14. M10×1 joint nut 1 piece (connected to the main unit)
15. Instructions 1 copy
16. Non-self-supporting sample holder 1 set (optional)
Tips: The oxygen index tester needs to use not less than 98% of industrial grade oxygen/nitrogen as a gas source. Since the above gas is a high-risk transport product, it cannot be provided as an accessory of the oxygen index tester. Gas station purchase. (To ensure the purity of the gas, please purchase it at the local gas station)

The JF-3 oxygen index tester is a new model developed according to the technical requirements of the national standard GB/T2406.
The instrument is used to determine the volume percentage of oxygen required during the combustion of the polymer. The polymer oxygen index value is the oxygen and nitrogen mixed gas stream required to maintain a combustion length of 50 mm or a combustion time of 180 s after the material is ignited. The minimum oxygen concentration (also known as the oxygen index) required to maintain the pattern burning.
Main Specifications
1. Measurement range: 0 ~ 100% / O2;
2. Resolution: 0.1%/O2;
3. Measurement accuracy: ±0.4%/O2;
4. Response time: <10s;
5. Digital display accuracy: 0.1% ± 1 word;
6. Output drift: <5%/year;
Instrument working conditions
1. Ambient temperature: -10 ° C ~ 45 ° C
2. Relative humidity: <85%;
3. Voltage and power: 220V, 50HZ, 100W
4. Use gas: GB3863 industrial gaseous oxygen; GB3864 industrial gaseous nitrogen; both bottles of gas should be pressure regulating valve;
5. Output pressure: 0.25-0.4Mpa;
6. Working pressure: 0.15Mpa;

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