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High Automation Flammability Testing Equipment For Building Materials

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Shanghai, China(mainland)
Brand Name: BAXIT
Model Number: GLO-JC2
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PCS
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 5-8 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10Set per day
Detail Information
Use Environment: -5℃—40℃ Power Supply Voltage: AC220V±10%, 50Hz
Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ≤±0.5℃ Heating Power: 800-1000W
Maximum Power: 1.5KW Name: Building Materials Non-combustible Test Furnace
High Light:

combustion testing equipment


flammability test apparatus

Product Description

Building Materials Non-combustible Test Furnace



First, the scope of use
The test furnace is developed according to the technical specifications and requirements specified in the national standard GB/T5464-2010, and is applicable to the test method for assessing the combustion performance of building materials under laboratory conditions. Suitable for testing the burning performance classification of Class A fireproof materials in the burning performance classification of building materials GB8624


Second, product features
1. Adopt microcomputer technology and thyristor technology to adjust furnace temperature through power
2. The operation can be controlled on the touch screen, the degree of automation is high, and the temperature inside the furnace, the sample center and the sample surface are displayed and recorded during the test, and the test step will automatically jump out of the operation prompt.
3. Query historical curve to automatically judge temperature balance
4. The test process is safe and reliable, and easy to operate.
5. Customized version of mold forming refractory furnace, good thermal insulation performance
6. Using a high quality strip heater, the furnace temperature can be raised to 900 °C
7. PLC+NAbview professional software displays the furnace temperature, sample center temperature and sample surface temperature curve in real time, which can realize automatic control, data acquisition and processing, data storage and output measurement results.
8. The top is equipped with a sight glass to allow the user to safely observe the burning state of the sample in the furnace.

Tips: The non-combustible test furnace body has two kinds of round and square, and the default is shipped according to the shop!

Third, the main technical parameters
1. Furnace size: Φ40cm height 1.5m.
2. 80/20 nickel-chromium resistance tape specifications: thickness 0.2mm, width 3mm.
3. Specimen size: Φ45×50 (mm).
4. The inner diameter of the heating furnace tube is 75mm±1mm, the outer diameter is Φ90mm±1mm, the height is 150mm±1mm, and the power is about 2KW.
5. Thermocouple: Nickel-chromium-nickel-silicon armored thermocouple, outer diameter 1.5mm, wire diameter 0.3mm, heating wire power: 2KW
6. Furnace temperature stabilization time: stable from room temperature to 750 °C for about 1h
7. Place the thermocouple in the furnace, the thermocouple in the sample center, and the thermocouple on the surface of the sample;
8. 360 degree rotatable and adjustable thermocouple scanning device;
9. Stainless steel inverted cone air stabilizer and cylindrical shroud;
10. The software automatically controls the heating rate and controls the furnace temperature in stages;
11. Operating environment: -5 °C - 40 °C.
12. Power supply voltage: AC220V±10%, 50Hz, current ≤10A;
13. Stabilization time: from room temperature to 750 ° C ≤ 1h;
14. The heating source is an electric furnace preheated to 750±5 degrees. The maximum temperature in the furnace is 900 degrees, the temperature in the furnace is 750±5°C, and the temperature drift is not more than 2°C within 10 minutes.
15. Temperature measurement accuracy: ≤ ± 0.5 ° C.
16. Heating power: 800-1000W;
17. Maximum power: 1.5KW;
18. Power heating voltage: 0~100 V adjustable;
19. A central copper hammer device is required to calibrate the temperature inside the furnace. The connected curves need to be within the curve required by the standard.
20. A wall temperature calibration thermocouple is required to calibrate the wall temperature with a scanning thermocouple at three different angles
21. The software contains the current regression judgment temperature equilibrium conditions

Fourth, design standards
GB/T5464-2010 GB/T8624 ISO1182 Fire response test for building products---non-combustible test


Forth, with the goods list
1, the furnace body 1
2, control box 1
3, hanging basket 1
4, low tray 1 (on the lower end of the furnace)
5, the connection line 1
6, instructions 1
7, Certificate 1

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